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Why to experience Buddhist Novitiation Ceremony in Myanmar ?

Why to experience Buddhist Novitiation Ceremony in Myanmar ?

The Shinbyu, or Novitiation ceremony, is a coming of age ceremony as in different corners of Myanmar , for boys under 20 years old. The Novitiate ceremony is when boys do their service to Buddhism and are entered into the order of the monks for a week or longer.

The novitiation ceremony is usually celebrated during the holiday period of Burmese people in December , March and April before the water festival .

The program of festival

1)Blessings in the homes

Novitiation is the obligation of every parent and the most important gift to their sons. It is believed that this deed will prevent the parents from having an evil afterlife in Buddhist tradition.

The boys started getting dressed for the occasion. Earlier in the day their heads are shaven. Then elaborate green, yellow, blue and pink satin costumes with colourful make up of the same colors filled the village. These intricate costumes are symbolic of the look of a royal prince.

2) The Procession

The procession usually start toward the monastery. The novice -to be are usually hoisted over the shoulders of the men of the family while the boys were ceremoniously carried above their heads, shaded with gold umbrellas. In larger cities, and depending on stature, boys may be riding horses, oxes or elephants.

To pay respect to the Buddha, the parade circles clockwise around the monastery. Following the boys are the fathers, mothers and sisters are given the duties of carrying the Alms bowl, the monk robes and ceremonial lotus flowers.

An enthusiastic group of musicians on chimes, drums and bamboo sticks followed the procession as many joined in with dancing and singing.

3) The Feast

No celebration is complete without a satisfying feast. Welcoming traditional feast of soup, curried salted fish, vegetables, rice, fermented green mango and bean sprouts are usually prepared to serve all participants and invited guests .

4) The Monastery Ceremony

Once the procession is over, the families are brought into the monastery. Boys are stripped down of their colourful costumes and left in their white undergarments. After the senior monks perform alms and prayers, they are transformed, by receiving their maroon robes. The residing monks help them into the robes showing them how they are to be worn.

It is believed that you will feel such gratitude witnessing the Novitiation ceremony, and couldn’t help admire the sense of community and strong Buddhist traditions. So please explore to Myanmar during December , March and April and you are very likely to witness at least a portion of this incredible Buddhist tradition .

Enjoy & Experience Bagan by two wheels

A journey to Bagan is more than holiday – which is considered to be the ancient home of the first Myanmar empire, flourishing from the 11th to 13th centuries and there are more than 2000 religious monuments spread across a dry plain beside a bend in the Ayeyarwaddy River.
To explore more than 2000 religious monuments is daunting but a number of options are available . You can rent a taxi to transfer you from pagoda to pagoda but that means excellent scenery in between shall be lost to enjoy .One more option is to enjoy horse-drawn carriage , these type of vehicle go jogging and can start making your blood boil after a few hundred meters Off course the best way to explore hidden beauty of Bagan is by bicycle . It is because the bikes themselves are mostly single speed allowing the rider to sit with their back straight to enjoy every religious monuments in any order , for as long as you want .
There is one obvious program for riding the bike in Bagan that some of the best can only accessible along dirt pathways that are not always bike-friendly . For off-road riding , the e-bike is better than bicycle in general . But old-fashioned bicycles is still one of the best option to enjoy , experience and excite your precious holiday in magical Bagan of Myanmar .